Monday, May 18, 2009

Caddo Weekend

The girls. They had lots of fun hanging out together!

Brady and Charlie 2009
Well, not going to lie, this is the first time I've been a little "scared" of going to Caddo. Despite seeing Alligators a couple of years ago, Amie's story of Charlie finding a snake Friday made me stress!!! (I'm sure she'll have more on that story on her blog!) Water was up this year, meaning NO DOCK, so I asked Adam if we should stay in the tent. Would there likely be more snakes out than normal? Really, if you saw down there, you should always be wondering that I'm sure. Anyway, Charlie (having his Dad's sense of Hunting) saw a snake and what do ya know, It's a cottonmouth. Lovely. Big kudos to Larry for killing it with a shovel. Your the man Larry!!!
So yeah, we slept in the cabin. Kids had a great time going out on the boat. They didn't see any alligators though!!! Yeah!!! But, I was a little on edge Saturday morning. Once we got things going I eased up a bit. You can see they didn't lack for entertainment: Bounce house, bubbles, jeep, 4 wheeler, play do, & paints! The kids made some great memories together.

4 had to say:

Amber said...

I love that when the picture of the 4 girls on the bed gets enlarged you can see a purple heart tattoo on Katie's doll's bottom.

So glad I wasn't there! When I saw the pic of the dock I said to Aric, "They are going to cancel aren't they?"

Maybe one day you can open a deadly petting zoo.

Brenda said...

Such a fun weekend! Kids were so good and had such 'safe' fun. I'm like you, the snake story kinda freaked my out, and yes, Amber, believe it or not, we never thought of cancelling - however, we did alter our sleeping arrangements. Kids have the 'ignorance is bliss' kind of fun - they leave all the worrying up to us. I love it that the kids will have 'swamp' memories just like the last generation does. Love you all!

Jodi said...

Wow... I had no idea someone was actually scared!! You hid it well, I guess. Never crossed my mind since we kill snakes every year! Too funny. Well, I am glad you guys slept upstairs.... and miraculously, no one fell off! :)

Fun times as always. Can't wait to have baby #4 there next year!

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing! I love it that you guys still continue to go and spend time together, that is awesome!! Do you get a group shot each year? That would be neat to try and do to see how much the kids grow each year. Love you guys, Andrea