Monday, April 27, 2009

Katie's 6 Today!!!

Katie, Katie, Katie
also known as Katie Lou

So today is Katie's 6th Birthday!! I can't believe it!!! What an adventure it has been!! She has come out of the womb having perfect timing. She is our funny girl!! Who knew she would be doing cartwheels all over the place, be very specific about her wardrobe (that's not always a good thing), be very head strong (yes she gets that from her mom!) and be very tender hearted. We are very blessed to have our Katie. She is amazing!

Our God has taught me so much by using Katie. I could use the scriptures from Romans 5 where he talks about "rejoicing in your sufferings b/c it will produce perseverance. Perseverance: character and character - Hope. Hope doesn't disappoint us but God loved us so much that he filled us with his Spirit." Please don't take offense to the "suffering" when I say that about Katie. She has been a trying child, but Hope, Hope is what helped me to persevere through Katie's trying moments! And let me tell you, she lacks no characters!!! So she has made me a stronger christian woman because we worked through things together. She is turning into a beautiful little girl that loves our God. And she has so much energy and sassiness! Well, school and gymnastics have been great for her. She brings a smile to almost everyone's face, Mostly to mine.
The perseverance time is not over I know until I die,
but embracing today and God's gifts is part of Rejoicing!!!
Thank you God for filling us with your Spirit and allowing us to help grow your blessings!!!
You are so good!

4 had to say:

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, what great pictures, I have memories attached to all of them. And what a sweet post. Yes, our Katie has so many unique qualities that only make her more special. Love her to death, don't think I ever typed that before. Sounds much better in person.
I remember that Sunday she was born, a little early, so some stress and anxiety, but just like you say, her timing has always been perfect.... got Adam out of TAKS! Donna still talks about that day.
Love, love, love that girl and those pictures, her personality shows through in all of them. Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

Andrea said...

I love it!! I love all of your pictures of her. I am glad that I taught her class so now she talks to me! Love it!! School has been so good for her. She is a sweetie, thanks for sharing her with us. Great job Mom!

Mandy said...

Awwwwwww! Happy Birthday Katie! Love the pictures! Tell Katie I miss seeing her cute little smiling face!

Jodi said...

Oh, my sweet Katie-girl. LOVE YOU! And happy happy birthday!

I too remember that Sunday... got to sit with Addison in the waiting room, and she was SO excited! Then sweet Katie showed her BEAUTIFUL face that I have been in love with ever since. And with the sweet, sassy, spunky personality that I adore! (I'm not her mom, so I find it adorable!!!) Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks....