Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Girls!

Katie FINALLY had a little "show off" night for gymnastics at the end of May. We hadn't got to see her do any of her stuff in the gym since she started in September. Boy, were we amazed by her. Not surprised by any means though. She did pretty much a back handspring on her own. Her coach was there to spot her, but Katie was so quick it was like, hand was touching her back, not holding it. She did good on the beam, bars and vault. But this momma was excited to see her flipping on the floor!! That was always my favorite! We all were VERY PROUD of her. And of course, in that moment of "proudness" , they hand you a sheet that says your kid is doing so well, why don't you pay $30 more dollars a month and put her on team. Yeah, like it's going to be "just $30 a month extra". So we will see. In the pic below, Katie does this ALL THE TIME. It almost always has a cartwheel done before it.

Chin ups for a 6 year old.
Even though the even bars are for the boys, you gotta take a pic on 'em!

Here Katie is at her Texas Program at school. Her favorite part was dancing with her partner and of course, I don't have a pic of it!

Yeah, so the bird you see is the one that we drove up with in front of everyone at Camp Deer Run when we were dropping off Addison. I know you could probably care less about the story b/c you have the pic, but here goes... We hit the bird about 15 prior to getting to camp and knew it didn't land on the road. We thought it must be under the car. We arrive at least 40 min. early(I hate getting places early). So we pull up and all the staff is staring at us (I'm thinking that they're thinking, Do you people really have to get here this early?) Adam hears one of them say, "hey they've got a bird on the front of their car!" So everyone flocks (no pun intended) over to the car. So, seeing the bird, you would think it's dead right?!!! NO, NO, NO!!! IT'S STILL ALIVE!!! Just looking very awkward sitting there with it's beak open! Several men out there (not willing to do anything with it!), Several women not about to touch it, One tween boy willing to get it out with a REALLY THICK STICK(no thank you), and then there's Dionne who felt sorry for it suffering. Adam said it wasn't suffering as much as it was humiliated! So all of us back up and Dionne (aka SHERA) pulls out the legs and then the wing. It plops down, takes a few steps and FLIES OFF FOR AT LEAST 200 yards!!!!! NO EXAGGERATION!!! How do you go 15 min's at 70 mph and then fly off? Well, needless to say, it took our minds off us being away from each other for a week. Addison is doing great at camp. They had a storm last night, so we were a little concerned about her, but hey she's still there. She is learning to grow up and become closer to God. On Sunday, she asked us if we were leaving. Adam asked, "Are you ready for us to leave?" "Yep!" was here response. I guess she was ready!!!
God is good!

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Amber said...

Katie looks ridiculously grown up. Tell her to stop that. The floor part has always been my favorite part of gymnastics to watch. Wish we could have been there to see her awesomeness.

So was Addison mortified to show up at camp with a live bird on the front of her car? It beats having longhorns tied to the front!

Tracy said...

Katie looks so cute!!! I can see her being a great little gymnast!! Tell her to keep up the good work :) about that bird!! What in the world!!!!!?? That is crazy! (did yall get a new car??) I can't beleive it was still alive! IS kind of funny, you know :)

Brenda said...

It was VERY fun to watch all the girls (all older than Katie) and then when she did her 'double back whatever' the entire audiance burst into cheers. I hear comments, 'she is so tiny, wow, she's awesome, holy cow, look how fast she is, isn't she cute'! Then the coach says, 'this time everyone except Katie go faster'. Makes a Moms very proud! I loved watching her glance up into the crowd and smile her amazing little smile! She IS awesome!
I'm so proud of Addison for stepping out ... one of many first steps .. into teenagerdom. She was so brave and open to new adventures. I'm praying she will hear words of wisdom and techniques for fighting the battles she will face the next few years. Such a fun and exciting time. I love her spirit, so sweet. You are raising two great girls (and a precious boy!) Love you all!

Jodi said...

Oh my sweet Katie. You ARE so grown up... and so talented!! You'll have to teach Reagan everything you know!! :)

Addison, SO PROUD of you at camp! I've looked at all your pictures... I can't wait to hear all about it! And that bird, well, that is just plain fantastic. Great story. :)