Thursday, April 2, 2009


We're not Mormon and We're not Catholic either. Nope, we haven't changed religions.

Yes, Adam and my Mom FINALLY Agreed on one thing. They both said Jesus called and told them both NO MORE.

Yes, We know how to count. Yes, we know how this works.

No we weren't thinking about this happening. Yes, Adam did say that if this were to happen he was moving to the deer lease.

Well, Jesus called me the other day and said he was happy that Adam and my Mom finally agreed on something, but he had another plan. And boy, did this take us by surprise.

Adam Did Not believe me! Probably b/c I was laughing when I told him b/c I was so nervous.

Addison and Katie didn't believe us either.

The Number is 4. That's how many we can write off next year when we do our taxes.

We are having a baby!!!

Want to know what Katie said after finding out & semi believing us. She looked straight at Adam and asked "Are you really moving out Daddy?" Yeah, he always said he would if a 4th came along. He said he'd see how it was working out before he made any plans!!!

So here are some old pics of when the "New" arrived. It will be here before we know it!

So, now all you need to do is talk about us!!! We know, it's crazy.

Crazy wonderful in my world though. I thought I would never have this opportunity again.

And yes, I am getting things tied up after this!!! We're crazy, not stupid!

16 had to say:

Brenda said...

You're not crazy or stupid, just blessed.... God just decided that since you and Adam are such amazing parents, He would send another child to soak up his/her share of love. I love how you parent and there is a precious soul up there/in there waiting to experience all that Addison, Katie and Brady witness every day. I'm so excited and happy for both of you,all 5 of you. Holy Moly - 6 of you! God is indeed GOOD!

Amber said...

You are just paving the way for Aric saying for that I THANK YOU!

Tracy said...

Holy Cow!!!!! Your post totally caught me off guard!! ha! Congrats, Christy!!!!!! :)
Yes, this is a shock for yall, but that doesnt mean that it's a bad thing! :) (I know that you already know that though!)
Another baby!!! :) Yea! Congrats! What a lucky baby!

Tracy said...

haha...and now that I know you're pregnant...the title of your blog post just made me laugh out loud :) ha

amie said...

Mormon, Crazy, bad counter..I don't care what is the case ....I am just thrilled and super pumped for you guys and I'm extatic to be an aunt again!!! I am also super excited that Kirkley and our next one will all have someone their age to play with!!! I still vote twins so we can even out the boy/girl cousin thing!!

Heather said...

Wow...congratulations!!! When are you due?? When you have 3, what's one more?? haha!

Jodi said...

WOW!!!!! Holy Cow..... but I am so excited!!!! God knew you guys are fabulous parents, so what is one more?!?! I'm so pumped!

Amber said...

Adam I hate you.


Amber said...



Jodi said...

Ok, please tell me you will find out gender?!?! Last time with Brady, it took a lot out of me. Yeah yeah yeah, it was exciting and all on the day of, but I don't know if I can do it again! :) :) :) This is all about me, right?!?!?!

Being a Star said...

I am so happy for you guys. Hoping to have another baby myself soon...What ever God has in store. Love you and Congrats!!!

linda ford said...

I couldn't believe it when Katie prayed in Bible Class this morning for her mommy and the new baby!! I think it is absolutely wonderful!! I always wanted 4....but oh well, God just had me wait and get triplet grandbabies!!!
God is good and he will not give you more than you can bear! We're excited for you!

Love, Linda

What can I say? said...

We are so thrilled for you guys! I keep telling Paul that our magical number is 4, but he's not so sure...we'll see what God says...Blessings to you and your growing family!

Judi said...

Congratulations! We are happy and excited for you!

*Kendra* said...

I'm so stinkin' happy for yall. What a lucky baby to be born into your family! :)

Julie said...

Oh girl!! I am so very happy and secretly jealous... Our #4 was a HUGE surprise too, but it has been to most treasured blessing. And you will have NO problem. Trust me on this...the transition to 4 is very managable. Once you get the logistics worked out...where will the baby sleep, sit in a car, how will it get them out of the car into anyway, what stroller do I take, etc. You will be great and at this point, you are the pro-experienced mom to the rest of the world and they think we have some secret...totally funny to me.

Anyway, congratulations and I will be praying for healthy weeks ahead and that Adam stays put. You will need the help with the laundry. That does get crazy. Be on the look out for a great used 2nd washer and dryer. In fact, register for that and you will be totally set and ahead of the game.

Great news from a Great God who is so good to his faithful children!