Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb!

So we had a good time over at my Mom and Dad's house for my nephew's birthday!!!

HE TURNED 18!!! I can't believe it!!! This is the cousin that Katie is always compared too!! He's stubborn, funny, frustrating, funny, smart and apparently lovable!!! So MY DAD, gave Caleb this cologne. SEX APPEAL. Lovely. Just what you want your granddad to give you on your birthday. Anyway, thought it was funny and got a pic of Brady with it. This is what you call TRUE MANLY SEX APPEAL. Hand in your pants!!!!

Brady loves his football helmet. I guess if he goes rolling down the stairs that his head is protected, right?!
It's a duet. Notice the mic in the middle.

And the cool hat that came with the Sex Appeal cologne. My Dad sure knows how to get a kid prepared to meet women!!!!Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

2 had to say:

Tracy said...

haha! Sex appeal :) Nice...love the pic with Noah and the cologne!

Amber said...

Um, I'm confused...Does Tracy think that Katie is Noah?

Katie's hair is soooo long!