Wednesday, January 14, 2009

9 years old!!! Say What???!!!

So what do you do when you know that your husband is going to the deer lease, you find out your 5 yr old has a bladder infection right before my husband leaves for the deer lease, your sister in law is visiting her brother in Florida, your BF is going shopping for Xmas gifts and your Mom offered to keep Brady. You do what any other person does. You have 12 girls get together and have a sleepover. Because that's normal right?!!!? Well, God is good, because you remember that Child Abuse Abstinence, well, this is when it happened(to the birthday girl). She should thank God that she is alive! Oh, and one of the Emotional Breakdowns happened that weekend also(after the fact). That all being said, God knew what I needed b/c these girls were excellent. My sister came over and helped me(I seriously would not have made it thru the night if it weren't for her.) Sweet Ashlyn was asking what she could do to help. They all played together SO Well. The drama only came from the birthday girl.

Here they are on Saturday morning!


Addison & Ashlyn

I have to brag on Sarra. She did great with all the big girls around her and she even did Karaoke. She was precious. Her, Hope and Hannah all did the Karaoke. To me, they stole the show. Don't tell the other girls that though.

This is Friday night. We did face painting before the Karaoke. We dressed up too!

Katie was so sweet. Even though she didn't feel well, she didn't complain and stayed up with the girls. Later that night I couldn't find her. She had gone to bed on her own. Sweet girl.

Diva wanna be's

Love this pic of Ashlyn & Katie. How cute is Ashlyn with that hat!

So the bible says "Never tire of doing good."

I was tired, but I overcame it.

It paid off.

Everyone is still alive.

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Anonymous said...


You crack me up!!!! I'm glad all the girls were so good, and I thank you for always being so sweet to the girls!!! You know I would've been there if you needed me.:o)

Love ya!

Jodi said...

So fun... We have pics of my 12th birthday slumber party with all the girls posed infront of the same tv cabinet! Good memories! You are a fabulous Mom... seriously, I need to be around you more so you can rub off on me! Looks like a great party. And seriously, how did she get to be nine??

LOVE the Brady pics. Should be in a Horns magazine or something... :)

Amber said...

My first thought is wow--that Ashlyn is beautiful! She's grown up so much since I left.

Looks like you had lots of fun and you get an award for the coolest mom in the world.

Wish I could be there to help you with your nervous breakdowns!