Monday, January 12, 2009

Time Flies!!!

So...It's been a while. Let's see - I don't get paid for this "MOM" job, so that's a little disheartening this time of year. You see, for most people, they gain their weight and have, in my mind, plenty of fun. For me, I loose weight this time of year (almost always have) and have a mental breakdown before having fun. FUN TIMES I tell ya!!! Anyway, these last two months have been full of fun, craziness, sickness, a mental breakdown, Child Abuse abstinence, slumber party birthday, thanksgiving, deer lease, another mental breakdown, christmas parties, christmas, sickness, anniversary, new year's and start everyone back to school.
We had a church party and my brother Tim was Santa. The kids loved it. Katie even thanked God the next day in her prayer that Uncle Tim was Santa. Brady still looks at the pic and says Tim, but was terrified to sit in his lap. Addison was proud too that he played Santa. They felt like they were the "cool kids" that night. Thanks Tim!

See what I mean!Thanks to Andrea I have pics from that night!!! So does everyone else!!! Love you Andrea!

Santa's little helper!

Addison had a little musical at school!! I didn't get to make it cuz I was taking Katie to the dr. She had a bladder infection!!! I felt horrible cuz I had sent her to school hurting, but asked her to suck it up!!! Yeah well, that made me feel horrible!

Katie's "friend" Mitchell!!! Funny story about him! 1 - I walked in with her and asked her which one Mitchell was. She looked like she was Mortified that I asked!!! 2- After being out of school for a bladder infection, she definitely didn't want to start back to school again. So I walked her in and she was crying - I looked at Mitchell and asked " Can you just smile at her so she will have a good day?" Wanna know what Katie said to him - " You can just kill her now." She smiled, but it's like " Katie you can't say "kill her" at school" (or anywhere else, I know, I know). So anyway, she had a good day, thanks to Mitchell!!

Santa Claus came to school by helicopter and so...They got a visit from Charlie!! Thanks Amie for coming!!

This really is one of the most fun (in the moment) but most EXHAUSTING days of Dec. Let's see....6 kids to visit 2 kids, walk a long distance, keep your sanity, walk to both destinations (katie and Addison) and then walk back to the car with the 6 kids. And then have a teacher talking about you to another teacher about having all those kids. NO PEOPLE, I'M NOT MORMON and I'M NOT CATHOLIC. I KNOW WHAT BIRTH CONTROL IS!!!!

Last thing about Katie. I told you she was sick with the Bladder infection, but I didn't tell you that her ear was hurting her. The dr had briefly looked at it and said it was ear wax build up. So while she was at home, I worked on her ear. She had actually been complaining of it for weeks (at least 3) and being the good mom that I am I jumped right in on fixing the problem. Yeah right. Anyway, we worked on it for 3 days straight. I told Adam one day that it looked "shiny in there" "Silvery", then the next day I said it looked like it was a "gold nugget". What is the deal. I know, makes no sense. So I call Amber to see how she fixed it when Sage had this. She told me so I did it. I squirt Water in the way she said a few times. Not really working....Keep going(it's like popping a zit, you can't quit till you get it)......
A HEARING AIDE BATTERY!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! A HEARING AIDE BATTERY, HOW DID THAT GET THERE? She said she didn't know. I guess Brady put it in her ear.. Blamed it on him for a few days, then she finally said she put one in each ear. Katie, honey, the battery is not what mommy puts directly into her ear. She puts it IN the Hearing AIDE. Oh Katie!!! Needless to say, the hearing aide had ear wax built up on it (gold nugget look) and on the other side it was, guess what, SHINY!
So it has been a month!! And guess what - you don't get paid for this kind of fun!! NO! You get TO PAY for this kind of fun!!!
Come to our house if you want CRAZY FUN!!! But please don't call between 12 - 3 during the week. That's when we are shut down for naps!!! That's Sanity time!!!!

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Tracy said...

WOW! Crazy times at the Bramlett house!!!!! :)

Crazy! :)

Glad you made it through the holidays and still have your sanity! :)

Brenda said...

The fact you can live through all this chaos, find humor in it, retell it so entertainingly and make others feel very peaceful... tells us much about your character and 'sainthood' however, it is the fact that you LOSE weight over the holidays that I keep coming back to... what's that all about? Your kids comments make me laugh out loud. Love them so much. BTW, your unpaid job will pay you richly for years to come, trust me on that one!Love you

*Kendra* said...

I love when you update. I love reading about all your craziness! No one could do it but you! You're so great!!! Let's catch up soon!

Andrea said...


Thanks for the update, soo glad you liked the pictures. I love your kiddos! Always love your stories. Glad to be a part of your life. Love ya!

Jodi said...

I can't believe your crazy life! Kendra is right, no one could do it but you, superMama!!! And seriously, the fact that you LOSE weight in the holidays is mindboggling.

Oh, I just love your kids. LOVE them. Miss y'all! You just need to pack up that little Katie and ship her to me. :)