Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Addison did WHAT?????

She's only 8 years old and this summer Addison did what I did at 20. She BUNGEE JUMPED or whatever you want to call it out at Hurricane Harbor. She was very pumped for this day and she was very proud of herself.

I don't recall making memories like this with my dad at such a young age! He is SOOOO COOL!!

Addison and her posse!!!
Before!!! Adda is a little scared- not a lot- just a little!!!

This pic is of me zooming in as much as I can!!! They are about to go over the wave pool!!!As you can tell, she is scared to death!!!
Katie is TERRIFIED for Addison's life!!! She is the only one TERRIFIED!!! Sweet girl, she really loves her Ada!! Such a tender heart!!!

She is not terrified. She thinks it was TERRIFIC!!!

By the way, She pulled the cord to drop them, so here is her telling it!!!
She's such a fun kid!!! She even went down the Dur-stook-ah (I so don't know how to spell that, obviously!!!), you know the really tall slide that shoots straight and I'm talking STRAIGHT DOWN!!!! I rode it for the first time this summer...so did she!!! I screamed the whole way down...she didn't! She is fearless, Katie on the other hand, she's the safe one. Go figure!!!

3 had to say:

Jodi said...

That is awesome! Atta girl Ada!!!! :) So fun.

I loved the videos too... especially Katie's. Sweet girl.

LOVING all your many posts lately!!!! :)

Tracy said...

wow!!!! She is one brave girl!!! You may have to watch out for that one!!! haha :)

Amber said...

I loved how concerned Katie was! Sage will get a kick out of watching these when she gets home from school.

I could get used to all of these posts.