Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Man, My Man - OUR MAIN MAN

Let me tell you about this guy you(if you are a woman reading this) are married to him. If you are a man, then well, we have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for you...


He has been in Jail.

He's a rebel w/a cause.

He goes against the laws of the land.

He brings in a crowd.

Men, women, & children either love him or hate him.

He says little, but does so much.

He doesn't mind getting dirty.


He loves like there is NO tomorrow.


He's so Thoughtful.


When You are With Him, You FORGET ABOUT THE WORLD.

The way he helps others and gives them Hope, makes him so beautiful in your eyes.

He gives you plenty, feeds you plenty.

Even when he had lost a dear family member, others needed him and he obliged.

He is always there for every kind of personality out there.

He listens and waits for you.

He even has a best selling book out there. It's been a best seller for over 100 years!!!

Right before He died, He thought of someone else and gave them the peace they needed.

He's the same Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

He's your Man!!!

You may not consider Jesus your husband, but he is. He is so many things to us. I did a lesson on this and it gave me great peace. Hence the reason for sharing. If you are single, married or widowed, you are still married to this man. They say there is 3 in a marriage. If you forget him, well, we know harder times will be ahead. However, if we focus on him, it still can mean there will be a time to persevere. I have found more peace within myself when I focus on HIM as my husband and am attentive to his needs(which are ultimately my needs).

I didn't have him at "Hello", he had me.

Isn't he AWESOME!!!

I'll leave with a pic of My LITTLE MAN!!!! And he's officially off his paci now!!! Yeah!!!

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Tracy said...

Great post :)

And I love the picture of your little man! Such a cutie!