Friday, November 14, 2008

One reason...

Ok all this talk about NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK is killing me!!!! I don't need new kids, I need ADULTS!!!! No, i love my "old kids on the block" however "new" they are!!! They do however keep me from this blog world. And I have to tell you none of my kids are sitting on this couch here!!!! So that is 3 missing!! Actually it is only 2 b/c Bryson and Charlie were visiting me that!!! I am blessed!!! Crazy, but blessed!!! And yes, this is deer lease pics....from Labor Day weekend!!! little late...
Oh life is exhausting
Oh no, Life is refreshing!!!
Love him, when he waits, he starts tapping his fingers!!!

Yes this scares us a little!!! You'd be surprised, Ada is the fast one and Katie is the cautious one! Go figure!
Having fun with Daddy!

Hey guys, WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!

And this is what you call "Till'in a garden Redneck style"
Umm, Bradley, Adam, Did it work?
This is just a cute pic!

And this is his first day at Rainbow School!!!!

2 had to say:

Tracy said...

Hey know you love the New Kids :)

Great pics! Can't believe your "baby" is in rainbow school!!!

I laughed when I saw that Bryson was on your couch with his Larry! He still carries that thing around everywhere!

Amber said...

We LOVE the picture of Brady in the orange shirt with his arms crossed!!! Aric and I started cracking up when we saw that one.

I can't believe you don't have time to blog with all those kids around.