Friday, November 14, 2008


This was a special time with my boy. While Adam and Bradley had the girls out hunting, I got to take a walk with my little guy!!! I embraced the quiet, peaceful time I had with him. A dirt road that he liked taking a walk on. He is certainly precious in my sight!!!

That's all folks!

3 had to say:

Tracy said...

Awww. He certainly IS handsome and precious! I'm glad you were able to have some alone time with him! :)

Amber said...

It was pretty smart to have your boy after your girls. Noah is now "nursing" his stuffed dinosaur, and he even uses a blanket as a cover up. Aric told him that boys don't nurse only Mommies, Noah said that was for humans, but dino daddies could nurse their babies. He's even assembled a diaper bag.

Andrea said...

LOVE THESE! WOW!!! What great picture and what a special time you got to spend with your boy! Enjoy every minute. Love that you got pictures of all his looks! Awesome!