Friday, August 22, 2008

God's Presence among Us!!!

Good times with Good Friends!!!

Four wheelin fun!!!

Group Pic!!!

Today was family pic day. Of course the day before it was cool(very unusual) and today it is 15 degrees hotter!!!

It's great that they get along so well at the deer lease!!!

I know this is a sappy pic, only one you take for the wife, but Adam has to know that I am his biggest (shortest) fan!!!! Awe!!! And that's why he laughs at me!!!
And this is the sappy one you take for the husband!!! Awe!!! Jeff was taking the pics so Go figure!!Had to put these in too!!! Notice Jeff's face!!!Love this one!

It's amazing how peaceful you are at the deer lease. Must be b/c you are surrounded by God's beauty and not man made buildings.

Do NOT Worry, God will take care of you!!! This is the lesson we learned from the deer lease. Adam and Addison went out Sunday morning to shoot hogs, but saw nothing really. They left and on their way back, they saw a deer and 2 baby hogs eating together(very odd) under the feeder. So Adam got off of the 4 wheeler, got his gun ready(& they didn't move during this time) and shot not 1 but 2 of the baby hogs w/1 shot!!!! BooYah!!! Adam thinks he's pretty Awesome now!!! Anyways, back to how this is related to God. So Adam wants to show us the hogs(he had thrown them in the cactus, BTW). He takes us down to where they were(like no more than 2 hours later) and one of the hogs was already pulled out of the cactus by the buzzards. Their were max. 10 flying over the dead animals. And so that led me to think of that verse in Matthew of how we needn't worry about anything. God takes care of the birds, feeds them and gives them shelter, so we are even much more important to him. He will provide our every need. How comforting to know that God used Adam's "Awesome Kill" to benefit those birds. How Awesome is it to know that those birds knew almost immediately where their food was. So after witnessing God's nurturing love to us, I am reminded that, and thankful for, that he knows our every need and will provide for us!!! We Need Not Worry!!!!
May our God of Hope fill you with His Spirit today and Give you Strength!!!

4 had to say:

Tracy said...

LOVE all of the family pics!!! Especially the one of all of yall walking together. You have such a cute cute cute family!!!

The shirt that Addison has on that says "Let me, NO", that sounds like something you would say! Maybe you could borrow that from her sometime :)

Love yall!

Aric and Amber said...

I would have got the deer too, but I guess I am just that good...


Jodi said...

Good for you, Aric. :)

LOVE the pictures, love the hog story. Have to say that Christy may be the most photogenic friend I have, which makes me smile and want to vomit at the same time. :) But seriously, you guys are a gorgeous family!

Brenda said...

Have to agree with Jodi about the gorgeous family. Love the family portraits AND I love the memories you are making with your kids, these are the stories they will tell for years to come. Love you all five.