Friday, May 16, 2008


So apparently a lot has been going on... You don't care you just want pictures.
Lucky for you, I got my computer fixed and got a camera, FINALLY.
So here goes
Addison and Taylor did a class play
"Rumpus in the Rain forest"
Mom, Addison and Mamaw

(by the way, I'm actually taller than my Mamaw, Great accomplishment)
Caddo Lake
Brady loving the Manly stuff

Brady needs to have both hands on the handle bars.
Ada caught a turtle and kept the turtle. She will have to give up the turtle in a couple of months. Snapping Turtle. Imagine this, Joe making the kids happy!!!! He's so Cool!!!
Going fishing!!!
If you ever wonder what our cabin looks like at Caddo, here it is. Our house is the tent next door to the cabin.
Ada being a great friend to Reagan. Love pics like this
"We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo
How about You, You, You
Won't you come To, To, To
We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo"
Thank you to Rusty and Sallye Peterman for putting that song on my brain every time I think about the Zoo. I can still remember you singing it at our Putting on the Hits thing - 6 years ago. I have to sing that whole song. Please teach me all of it.

New kid on the Block - Peyton - He's a great addition
And you know, we always end up seeing Adam at the Zoo. And he's much lazier at the zoo, than at home. Ok, believe it or not, I'm missing 2 of my kids here. They were at Rainbow School. And imagine trying to see everything you could at the zoo and eat lunch in a 2 hour time frame. Craziness.
This is how I can go to the zoo with this many kids - My mom helps me. Keeps her young!!! Ha!Here's a pic from Peyton's soccer game. Lil bro Mason is on the end. He's 2 and he's the other addition to group.
Last but not least, Katie's birthday. She is 5 years old. I dare to say she may have matured since she turned 5. Not holding my breath though. She's still funny

Love her reactions
Group pic

Amber, this one's for you - I took the pic and am letting everyone see it!!!!! Katie got a cute dress and well, you know what happened next! Here's him redeeming himself back into manhood!!!!
So, just to let you know, School is going to be out in a couple of weeks and VBS is starting 3 days after that. Oh and then we go to Disneyworld. Soooo, forewarning that I may or may not be back for a while. Oh wait, your used to that..
I do want to say that if you are in the H E B area, we are doing our VBS this year on June 1-4th. I am very excited about it and would love for you to bring your kids. It's from 7-9pm each night. So you could drop off the kids and go get dinner and then come back and pick them up. We are learning the Full Armor of God verses and I have so enjoyed watching the kids say it. I can't wait to teach more of them and have them up on the stage saying it in front of their parents and the congregation.
"Finally, Be STRONG in the Lord and in HIS MIGHTY POWER." Eph 6:10
I always have to be mentally prepared before I do things. Helps me out greatly!!! So that what this verse is to me, God is mentally preparing me before I put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD.
He is STRONG and He is MIGHTY POWERFUL. No really, He is. Think about it.

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Aric and Amber said...

WOW, where do I start. Out of habit I checked your blog (see how faithful I am) then I shut it down right away and realized, "She had new pics on there?"

My first question is for Addison, why wasn't she wearing monkey ears like Taylor?

I laughed so hard at Adam's picture. He's looking great these days, and it was great of him to help you out at the zoo.

I'm glad my son isn't the only one that likes to wear dresses, but---knock on wood---he hasn't worn one in months. He's quite the accomplished belcher now. We can't wait for Adam to hear him. Yes, every time Noah belches we think of Adam.

Well, this is a little long for a blog comment, so I'll wrap it up now. Love you and MISS YOU so much!

Aric and Amber said...

P.S. I almost forgot, you got Caddo pics up before Jodi!

Jodi said...

I know, I know. IT IS MY MOM'S FAULT!!!! I can't believe you beat me to pictures....

But it is great to have you back! Loooooooove the pic of Addison with Reagan on the stairs. I too love pics like that...

I sure do miss your kiddos! And you guys of course too I guess.... :)

Tracy said...

Yea for new pictures :) Loved looking at all of them!!

It sounds like you are going to be super busy soon! We will try to make it out to VBS!

Brenda said...

I know it is ridiculous to say I missed you when you are right down the street. But I missed seeing you here... in my alternate world! How sad does that make me sound. I am officially addicted to blogworld and have checked this thing numerous times. Loved seeing the pictures of the play since we missed it, loved seeing the ones from Caddo, loved the zoo pics and especially the dress one! VBS is going to be fantastic... and speaking of that in the 'you are kidding me' area... my spray finger was numb all day Thursday from spray paint overuse! All your hard work will pay off, these kids are going to love their swords and shields. Thanks for all you do for so many people. Love you