Saturday, May 17, 2008

Answered School Prayers

So as you may know, we have a tradition that every school morning we say our prayer on the drive to school. We start our prayer off with what we are thankful for and then who do we want to pray for. So I would like to share with you while reminding myself how many prayers God has answered over the last year and some of these school prayers were prayed in Addison's Kindergarten year.

Things we are thankful for...

Wonderful teachers. Ms. Eberly for teaching us from the beginning that God is good and he answers prayers!!! We still pray for you and thank God for you.

-Sra Hernandez - for teaching Addison life lessons while also teaching her spanish. Thank you to her for giving Addison a lot of encouragement in the reading department. I appreciate you!!!

-Mrs. Jolana, Mrs. Angie, & Mrs. Kelly - Let's see, Sarra, Katie, Peyton, & Noah just love you. So do their Moms!!! You not only love our kids(& if you are faking that-Excellent job), but you do for them in so many fun ways, that it makes it so easy to love you!!

-For all of my kiddos in Kids for Christ. They have learned 3 sets of memory verses and it has made a lasting impression on so many. Their little brains are like sponges. And thank you to Noah for grabbing the microphone!!! I'm so glad Sage and Noah were there to learn with us!!! Such a treat

-For Sage getting to go to school with Addison, and for Mrs. Eberly being her teacher!!! What fun!!! Oh and for Amber picking Addison up from school for me!!!! thank you amber! This is what it looked like on most school mornings when we went in the morning!!

- For Adam working so hard for his family and us being allowed to be there when he is at work. I appreciate the smile that we get when he looks up at us. Makes it worth the craziness that it took to get to his games.

Our Answered Prayers that we are thankful for...

Let's see - CHARLIE!!! Amie and Bradley are now almost parents to a 1 year old - and boy do we love him. It's exciting to see all of them as a family!!!
LIBBY - Same for you Laura and Derrick!!! God is good!! You two have a cute little one and I love sitting behind her at church!!!!

Aric arriving home safely. I don't know how or why you do it, but I'm glad that you and Amber are so close and are so confident that you can. We are proud of you and your family.

Don Calhoun being ALIVE. Katie is now praying for you to walk good again. God is faithful!!! We love you Don and appreciate all you have done for God's Kingdom!!!

For hearing aides that help me to hear, you know things like a rattlesnake, and I'm also grateful to my husband that loves me enough to not let it bite me.

Larry Gray- We are happy you had the right signs to know what to do and where to go for treatments. We are happy that you got to stay with Jodi and are happy you are doing good.

Sam & Hollee getting pregnant - answered prayer from Kindergarten time. God did a whopper with that one!!!

Aric and Ambers safe move to Florida. We are so glad you were here Amber!!!!

Tylene & James & their new baby - another Kindergarten prayer(can I say, Finally answered)

Kendra, Jodi, Amber getting pregnant and God keeping their babies well.
(loved these pics of the girls w/Kendra & Jodi. Please keep in mind that they just had their babies, so.... they are not looking their fabulous self. Really in our minds, Kendra, you look even more fabulous b/c you brought another gift into this world!!!)

My Dad & Mom doing good after different hospital stays.

Melanie not fainting anymore.

Aric's surgery going well and just him and his family's trust in the Lord God Almighty. Their peace in this situation is such a testimony of their love of our Lord.

We are thankful God didn't allow there to be any crocodiles at Caddo. Addison is especially grateful. Did we also mention that Bradley and Joe made the kids A FORT out of the bamboo. They are once again SO AWESOME!!!

We have such a blessed life. It's easy to realize that after stating all of our blessings.

Thank you God for this life you have given all of us. Help us to learn from the situations that we are in now, so that we may grow from them. Thank you for the family you have given me, my physical and spiritual one. Thank you for your son Jesus who gave up his life so that we may have an everlasting life with you. Heaven is going to be a wonderful place. Can't wait to get there to get a hug from you!!! Love you God and all you have given me!!!

9 had to say:

*Kendra* said...

Oh my word I totally forgot how bad you look while in the hospital giving birth! Can I send out a disclaimer that yall came to see me Wednesday night after Cassidee was born at 3:00 AM that day?! :) Love your family!

Aric and Amber said...

Two posts within days.... I could get used to this!

Noah still talks about his teacher Ms. Kelly, he loves her.

Brenda said...

And I'm VERY thankful for you, you sweet girl. You're one of my mentors, even though by age (6 year!) I should be yours. I love it when you remind me to be thankful. Have you ever tried to say a prayer and not ask for ANYTHING, just say thank you for all of your vast blessings? It's very hard because as soon as I voice a thanks for something, it immediately reminds me to pray for more..... This is an incentive for me to just say thank you without being greedy! Love you

Jodi said...

Wiping away my tears as I type...

The thought of your sweet girls praying for me and my family... well, I can't even tell you the joy it brings me! Thank you for the example you are to your kids and all of us!!

My c-section is scheduled for Dec 12, and I CERTAINLY don't expect it, but I would give my left kidney to have those girls in bed with me again for another pic this time around!! :) Although, it reminded me how I still looked 7 months preggo leaving the hosp... man, I looked rough. :)

Oh my word, I just love your girls.

Hollee said...

What a sweet post. Thanks for praying for us!

Tylene said...

Thank you so much for the prayers. It's a great thing to know that faithful Christian friends are offering up prayers on your behalf and then to see the wonderful results. I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.

Tracy said...

:) Such a sweet post. I think you have the most kind spirit of anyone I know! And I'm thankful to know you and to be able to call you my friend!

Mrs. Eberly!? She has been at that school forever! The was a kindergarten teacher when I was in kindergarten!

Jodi said...

I was gonna say... man, Mrs. Eberly looks darn good!! My brother had her at that school 28years ago! Makes me want to move home just so maybe R can have her in Kinder! :) I still just love her.

Julie said...

I do have to say that I LOVE Ms. Eberly!! I worked with her are BHES and know that she is one of the BEST Kindergarten teachers in the entire world. God did good on that one!! Glad to see you're back blogging a bit!
Julie-Jodi's cousin