Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Sweet Niblets"

Hannah Montana -
Best of Both Worlds Tour!!!!
Get your gear on and Let's go Party the Night away!!!

And Bring your Favorite "Moms" with you!!! Isn't she the coolest Grandmother and, AND 3rd Grade Teacher EVER!!!!! Mom's Rocks!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ARE REALLY HERE!!!
As Katie would say lately " I am EXTREMELY excited about this!!"
Standing is what they did the ENTIRE TIME they were there!!! ROCK STAR KATIE!!!! Apparantly this is what she looked like most of the time!!!

Gangsta Hannah Montana's wannabe's

Ending the Perfect evening at Red Robin!!! Addison didn't breathe when she ate her pizza I think!!! They used all their energy in the concert. Good exercise too!!
Well, once again, we can acknowledge that Hannah Montana is "freakin' rich". Disney is genius!!!! & richer than Hannah!!! However, we are happy that at least at this point, Hannah/Miley is a good example. She even quoted scripture on the Oprah show, so I really am ok with her.
Thank you Moms for taking them to this fun event. They slept well.
All around a good day and night, for everyone involved.

5 had to say:

Jodi said...

Oh. How. Fun. I have seen commercials for this... looks like it was a great time for all 3!!! :) I love it. What a fun Moms!!! They'll remember that forever...

Being a Star said...

I so want to go...Marissa isn't even old enough...but i want to go. LOL I am sad i know. Marissa enjoys watching Hannah but wouldn't do very good at the theatre.

Tracy said...

Moms is a hero to those girls!! What a fun night. I bet Brenda had just as much fun as the girls did!

And yes, Miley is super rich!! age 15! Crazy

Andrea said...

AWESOME!! Sweet Niblets, I love it! What a great mother in law and even took pictures. You are sooo blessed with Brenda! Great pics, looked like they had a good time. Love you, Andrea

amie said...

They look like they had so much fun!! Love their...what do you call them..gangsta faces!!