Monday, January 28, 2008

What's UPside down?

Persistence pays off! Way 2 Go Katie!!!Not sure why I'm doing this, but they do it ALL THE TIME!
If she can, I can!
Sisterhood. Nothing like it!
Yeah 4 Brady! He claps 4 himself!

So this is what has been going on. Everything and everyone is upside down. It's funny how determined Katie was to figure out how to do this. I told her.."U gotta tighten that Bootie" and so when Addison saw Katie getting it she started practicing. So Katie tells her..."Ada, U gotta tighten your bootie." Funny hearing that come out of a 4 year old mouth. As for Brady, we just clap for him. This is the good life. I'm being "Content with where I'm at". Did you hear that Linda Ford? No more whining of a dirty house or kids being all over me!!!! I'm enjoying now!!!

.....Talk to me in an hour and I may have changed my mind. Gotta be honest.
God is good.... Always have to remember that. God is Good.

6 had to say:

Aric and Amber said...

I love the one of Brady clapping for himself! I miss those kids!

Heather said...

Isn't that the truth--God is good--and we have to learn to be content!! That has taken me SO long to get--but I think I'm there! Although, like you, at any given hour, I may not be THAT content! haha
Love the hand/headstands! That's all we see at our house too--lots of fun!

Tracy said...

cute pics...especially brady clapping. too cute! hug those kids for us!

Jodi said...

Such cuties! I needed to read what you wrote today about being content in the now! Thanks!!! :)

Seriously, I'm not sure I can do that anymore. Man, I'm old. I would go try right now b/c it is kinda bothering me... but, too lazy. :)

amie said...

Love Brady clapping for himself!! Way to go Katie and Addison!!! I had NO doubts they would master it!

*Kendra* said...

I have to say that I know I can still stand on my head---the things you do to entertain your kids. I know it wouldn't be pretty, but I'll take a picture with your kids next time I'm over! Ha, ha, ha!!!