Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random pics

Addison having a brief "tree - hugging" moment. She is getting so big!!!

Brady - love the onesie!!! And look at all those teeth!!! 2 more on there way!

Woo-hoo!!!! Touchdown!!!!

Football season may be over(for the cowboys anyway), but we are practicing for next year.

And just so you know, I'm no longer singing all of the Redneck Woman song. I took my tree down yesterday. But - still have the Huggies box up!!! Gotta love it!

4 had to say:

Krystal, Ben, Hannah, and Kaitlyn said...

Love the picture of Addison! That's one to frame, unless you're like me and you haven't printed an actual picture in over two years.

You have such cute kids. By the way Hannah now has a "baby Brady" that she carries around.

Tracy said...

you will miss the huggies box one day! makes for a good story :)

cute pics of cute kids!!

Heather said...

Too cute--your kids are adorable! Love the "redneck" post too--I was laughing out loud! Thanks for the comments on my blog--I show the kids your pictures every once in a while--and we have fun reminiscing about them playing all together! Can't wait to do it again.
love ya!!

amie said...

Love the tree huggin pic!!! And I also love how you turned "who-ho" into "touchdown"!!