Thursday, January 17, 2008

I feel like Such a Redneck!!!!!

Ok, so I can hear that song in my head by Gretchen Wilson "I'm a Redneck Woman, I ain't no High Class Broad. ....I say "Hey Y'all and Yee Haw!" .....I have my Christmas lights up all year long. Well, we did take the "outside" Christmas decor down and most of the stuff inside down, except for our tree. I still haven't found my camera, but finally I borrowed one. So this is why I feel like a Redneck.

...The week after Addison had ALL her friends over for birthday, she fell thru the window by leaning back in a chair. She was unharmed, but broken window. $150 later or a lot later(still have to fix up) we have our window like this. Huggies cardboard box & Silver tape. Gotta lov'em

.....4 days before Christmas, Brady is sitting by our tree, NOT TOUCHING IT, And it FALLS OVER!!!! UMMM, HELLO! If we can't afford to fix a window, we can't afford to go out and buy a TREE!!!!! Yea, well, here's where the Redneck really comes into play. Of course, Adam and His Dad, are at the Deer Lease. Luckily Shannon was over and she held up the tree while I looked for the hammer, nail and you betcha - the STUD FINDER. Yep, gonna nail that thing up to the wall!!!! AND I DID!!!! CLASSIC , I know!!!! So you will see white Ribbon holding our tree up b/c it is wrapped around a nail. Needless to say, I spent $6 on a new and improved, on clearance(b/c a Redneck never pays full price) tree stand. So we keep the tree and save, oh, $100.

....And I still haven't found my camera. Yes, I know my house is a wreck, but I've looked in the piles. Still can't find it.. Mad ning

Thanks to Brenda, you can see the Redneck/white trashness going on.
Brady doesn't mind the Redneck way of life. In fact, he loves it!!!!Love the paci. Uncle Tim got this for us at Spencers. Too funny.Love the shirt and the paci.And here's Katie jammin in front of the Tree. She's the next Gretchen Wilson!!!!

Yes, we are going to get this fixed and take the tree down, now that I took pictures. But really, wasn't the picture worth a thousand Redneck words!!!!!

Love you guys and missed blogging. Took more pics so I will post again soon!!!

3 had to say:

Jodi said...

Greatness. Pure greatness. LOVE the Huggies in the window! ;) And the paci. And the priceless pic of Katie.

Tracy said...

THAT IS CLASSIC!!!! Love the huggies box and the tree nailed to the wall. HAHAHAHAHA. I laughed outloud...we have all had our redneck moments haven't we?! Thanks for the pics.

And the paci is great...Bryson had a sucker like that when he was about Brady's age.

The picture of Katie...she's so funny. She is SO serious with her guitar!

Aric and Amber said...

Yeah! A new blog! How great.