Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm a grown up!!!!

I have officially become a grown up. Thanks to all who helped me get there. I had more fun and peace this Christmas because I realized what mattered. Spending the time with others and building relationships with them. I had so much fun with my family playing games and Adam's family that when it came time for presents, I was almost bummed. And I did go to one of the candlelight services and I allowed God to fill my cup there. I can honestly say the hour I worshiped him was not enough. I was so in tune with him, I didn't want to leave. Then at church the next day, the singing was great too!! My cup was running over this weekend - filled with the Spirit. Thanks to all those out there that are such wonderful mentors to me and my family, who everyday try to live the best life possible for God. You don't go unnoticed. Just goes to show we are all an example, all ages, and people are watching us.

Sooo, Christmas day. Here we go.......Breakfast at the Bramlett's (love them omelets - mmmm)

A tradition that started many years ago on Christmas morning, was made by these people. From them became..... Half of them..... And they found the other half in the pic. And from them.....
Came ALL of THEM!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!
Can I add that I think it is so great that what holds all of these people together is OUR common Bond - Our Father in Heaven!!! We all are different but the bond of God is what makes these families strong. Thank you Danny, Brenda, Janet, Joe, Larry and Rhesa for loving the Lord and teaching your children to also. We all hope we can do the same with our children.

And is there an "unknown future" for them? Corbin sat down to take the pic and just put his arm around Katie. Love the pic - very sweet! 1 answered prayer - 2 happy Grandmothers. Last year we were all celebrating a new birth coming into our family - and here he is!!! We love Charlie!!! So cute and sweet and fun!!
And you know he's cute cuz Alicia says it all the time!!!!!
This is what I love about this breakfast - it keeps adding people every year -Rich, Allene, Charla, Greg, Danny and Granner - loved having you be a part of this.
Ok, you should see all the offspring when this family gets together - HUGE!!!! Love does immeasurably more, right?!
Grandaddy's gift - Build a Bear Harley style & we managed to accidentally steal the chaps he's wearing.. That's what happens when 1 adult walks in there w/3 kids!! I will pay for them!!!Can you say "Hannah Montana is freakin RICH" Not only did she sell a BUNCH of wigs, but Movie tickets as well. Very happy girls. Moms is taking them to see the concert on the Big Screen!!!!
We're "Pumpin up the party Now" Rock Star Katie
Ok - this is my child!!!!! He looked like a midget, I know I do too!!!! This was so funny to me!!!

He also looked like Cousin it!!!! Very fun to play with!!!

Hannah Montana wigs - OUTTA CONTROLGotta love some Elmo Hokey PokeyOh yeah - this is FUN Stuff
Yeah - A family of three in front of the tree!!! God is Faithful!And here, the family of five!! God is TRUSTING!!!!! Wow, more so than I would be!!! Thanks God for my family!!! 11 years ago, Adam and I married. Oh, and Amie and Bradley had a date that night. And I remember seeing Aric and Alicia at Cheddars that night. Oh yeah, and Jenni Worley has a birthday today. AND, get this, this was the last game the Dallas Cowboys won in the playoffs until this year we hope. Yes, I know this b/c the guys were giving Adam updates on the score in our receiving line. Sad.

Hope God blesses you as much as he has us!!!! Love ya!

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Tracy said...

11 years. wow. i remember alicia and i cutting the wedding cake. we did such a great job! somehow, i even remember what i was wearing at your wedding!...i bet you remember what you had on too :)

christmas looked fun and i'm glad that you were able to go to a candlelight service. we went to the 10:45 one on sunday. it was really nice.

Aric and Amber said...

I love the pics of Brady on the table. I can't believe that's our Brady!!! I am so thankful that there are no Hannah Montana wigs at our house!

I love the pics of everyone at breakfast, except for those losers that ruined it by not being there!

Hmmm, miss you!

amie said...

Love Brady on the table and in his midget wig!!! Thank you for your sweet post!!

Brenda said...

I loved this - my prayer for your, amie's and amber's future Christmas' is that the traditions you are starting right now will grow with your precious children and you can one day see what rhesa, janet and I are so blessed to witness! Thank you for your part in one of the bestest Christmases (??) I have ever had!

Andrea said...


You always amaze me at your blog!! I am always inspired. What a great tradition that you get together with family. It is great that you have all kept going even though you have your own families, what a blessing.

Love the pics, thanks for sharing with us. Love you, Andra

Jodi said...

I just LOVED our time together! Miss y'all and your kiddos already, and I've only been home 24 hours!!! Love the Katie/Corbin pic... love the thought of "that"! :)

I too remember what I wore in your wedding when I butchered the other cake. Weird. I think of that EVERY time I hear "Little Bitty" on the radio! It was a fun day... Happy Anniversary a couple days late! Love y'all SO much!

Being a Star said...

I remember your wedding as well. I no idea what I was wearing. I am glad you had a great christmas. It was a crazy year for us..I hope you have a great New Year filled with joy and peace!!!

Anonymous said...

Christy - I am so glad that this year brought so much peace to you. God knows just when we need to "feel" him! Love you guys!

Tracy said...

girl, you need to find your camera so you can start bloggin' again! :)

it was so good to see you guys the other day! we'll do it again hopefully soon!

Jeremy M. said...

You're grown up? What? That means I'm not too far behind!! You're doing a great job on the blog!

Aric and Amber said...

SERIOUSLY, even if you can't find your camera, you HAVE to post a new blog. I CAN'T TAKE IT anymore. I love you, and I have to have something new to see.