Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So what do you do for Christmas?

Ok I'm adding pics in this so that you will possibly read this. I have been torn for the last few years about Christmas and the Celebration of it. I wonder - Why? Why do we do this? Really is it b/c of Christ or the presents. I want to be more "moved" by Christmas. Yes, I know it's not all about me and how I feel, but I'm not going to lie, I want to "feel" something more. I have wanted to go to Richland Hills "thing" on Christmas eve night since they started it, but when you are the only one that wants to go(and I'm not trying to say anything bad about Adam here) it's hard. And I don't even know what they do there at Richland, but it is an opportunity that is open to me and many others.

So I was thinking, Ok, put yourself in Mary and Josephs shoes. They were packing up, getting on there donkey, and going to Bethlehem. And she was 9 MONTHS PREGNANT. Getting on a donkey - not the ideal thing - of course the alternative is to walk - so I guess a donkey looks good. But really, you know you have to think at that point she must have been thinking - Of all times to go - I am PREGNANT. But, God always has His plan!!! And then when they get there to Bethlehem, you're kidding, SERIOUSLY, NO ROOMS. O Crud, Joseph, find something now. The barn. Lovely. (But to us in Redneck world it's normal!) (it is ok to say that right?!) And so the story ends w/ Jesus being born and having many animals around him and Joseph having to go and get him something to wrap around him. They had no baby shower, no toys, clothes, but God provided for them. And then to top that off, they had no cell phones, but God provided the call to their loved ones to come and see their beautiful, His beautiful Son. They were not ashamed of being in that barn, but overwhelmed with Happiness. They knew and trusted God. And the wise men came with their gifts and then there's the Shepherd boy. Jesus, sweet baby Jesus. Can you imagine looking at his sweet face and being Mary, and thinking - What do you have in Store for Us? Funny I should use the word Store - where we are all going this week to get more in debt - But Jesus is the "Store" for us. We have no debt with Him. He's so simple, I make it so complex. That sweet baby grew up to be 33 years old - how old Adam and I are - and look what he accomplished. I can't imagine this being my last year on earth.

I love you God and thank you for allowing me to "feel" Christmas as I am writing this. I pray that you would allow me and Adam to teach our children to appreciate you and your gift that you gave us so many years ago.

So do you do anything special for Christmas eve - other than presents? Would you mind giving me some ideas? I loved to start a good tradition with them that maybe they could pass on to their children some day.

Ok Pics like I promised! Brady walking - thanks Brenda for taking the pic!Family pic from the Euless Parade of Lights!!!
B and the kiddo's. Thanks Danny and Brenda for taking them up there!
Granddaddy's boy!!! Loved wearing his hat this weekend! Thanks Brenda and Danny for keeping him while we went to the Deer Lease.
Brady doing his pre holiday work out

Merry Christmas to you all!!!! If you have a tradition that you are willing to share - please tell me about it!!! Thank you!!!

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Aric and Amber said...

I have always wanted to go to a Christmas Eve service. I was talking about that to Aric just last night. I told him I'd even go to a mass. It seems like our churches always "close" for the holiday instead of open up like they should.

sallye said...

rhcc is not having a christmas eve service this year. we always have a candlelight service on the sunday before christmas and it is awesome all three services will have one. to even just barely grasp what our Father and His Son did for us when Jesus was born is beyond our understanding, something we cannot even begin to comprehend. yes christmas is so commercialized now. i would suggest that you find someone really in need, let the kids see and help and develope a sense of compassion that will make them more like Jesus. our tradition is to go out to eat someplace special and then tell each family member something you think really sets them apart and makes them special. you could do this at home with a yummy desert and hot cocoa and firelight. thanks christy for your always tender heart and the need to be closer to out Abba.

Jodi said...

It is quite a drive, but Denton Bible church does a FABULOUS Christmas Eve service. That is the church where Tommy Nelson preaches... the Song of Soloman guy? Anyways, we've been before and it is absolutely wonderful.

We are always traveling or somewhere different, so we have no tradition yet really. I would like our churches to do more about Christmas... really, you can't go wrong with making ANY day more about Jesus, right?!?! But then again, it is up to us like you said. We'll be in Bedford this year... may try to go back to Denton. Who knows. Point is, I like your thinking! Maybe we can all help change things in the right direction!!!

I do remember at my Granddaddy and Grandmommy's house that we (kids) always performed a "Christmas pagent" that we made up ourselves. We would put towels on our heads like Mary and have our Cabbage Patch Kids be Jesus... that sort of thing. It provides great memories for me. Then my Granddaddy would read from Luke the real story and we'd sing a few songs as a big family. When I was pre-teenish, I thought it was kinda corny, but now I appreciate those memories a lot more. :)

Love ya girl. Love your heart.

Tracy said...

I want to start a family tradition too! That sounds nice :)

When I was little, on Christmas eve we'd drink hot chocolate while we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. But then, that was back in the day when every single house on the block would put a ton of lights up. People just don't really do that anymore. Kind of sad, huh?

I really enjoyed your post! I think we are going to try out the candlelight service Sunday night at Richland hills. Let me know if yall are going to come! :)

Krystal, Ben, Hannah, and Kaitlyn said...

I loved this post Christy. Thank you for your insight. I have been struggling with the meaning of Christmas for the past couple of years. I am consumed from October through December with how we are going to pay for Christmas. I get so frustrated with the fact that I feel guilty about baking food items to give as gifts. Why do I feel guilty? I was filling out that Christmas survey thing, and one of the questions was "Favorite Christmas gift" and I had no answer. I really had no idea what my favorite Christmas gift was. I couldn't even remember what I got last year! So then why am I so consumed with WHAT I'm giving. I should just feel blessed that I am able to give at all. Anyhow...I feel your delima about making sure the kids really "get" the true meaning of Christmas and balancing that with traditional gift giving.

As for a Christmas eve tradition, we always did what Tracy did, the hot chocolate and Christmas lights thing. Ben and I drove all over Maryland our first Christmas looking for lights to no avail. I guess everybody is too busy working to make money to pay for Christmas presents to put lights up, or like us, can't afford the extra electricity bill that comes along with it. So sad!!!