Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wow -So much to be Thankful For!

Rainbow School Thanksgiving - Thankful for Ms. Jolana, Ms. Angie, and Ms. Kelly

Thankful for Parents who come and pick up their kids, oh, and come to special events!

Thankful for parents and Grandparents and FREE BABYSITTING

Thankful for more Grandparents and the love & wisdom they bring with that.

Thankful for friends, old and new. Jason is Adam's HS buddy/College roommate!

Brady and Samantha - Then and Now

Thankful for my job - let's me see the newest additions!

I'm thankful for in laws, you know, the good ones!And for

opportunities to get to know them better(Amber).

I'm thankful for sisterhood. This is turning out so well(and yes, there are times they "hate' on each other.) Blow up pic to see them sit n 2gether

I'm thankful for God's faithfulness. And to Amie and Bradley's Perseverance and the Hope!Charlie's so cute!

I'm thankful for Tim - He's such a good supporter and encourager to me! And a pain sometimes!! Love you, mean it. And Caleb, well, surprised by how well you turned out-JK - Love you and thank you for your very sweet card to the girls. They adore you three boys.

Thankful for New Cousins and the friendships made immediately!

I'm thankful for "Crazy Cousin Paul". He teaches me to only say "bye" once!

And I'm thankful for Cousin Beth and Greg, who came to Thanksgiving. We had a great time! Thank you for coming. It was a blessing.

I'm thankful that Carrie's boys love my kids. Jordan turned 22 on Thursday. How time flies.
And for Crazy Cousin Josh, you're great w/the kids!

I'm thankful for the person who cooks majority of the meal and doesn't receive enough Thanks! Love you Mom and all you do!

I don't have pic's but.... I'm thankful Aric made it home safely.

I'm thankful that Don Calhoun is still w/us(big thanks God). He's still in ICU

I'm thankful that you are with Larry Gray right now and have given him Jodi, Reagan, and David to stay with during this "perseverence" time of his life.

I'm thankful for the spiritual family that you have blessed me with and the men that have stepped up and been a great example for the younger men.

I'm thankful for this time w/Amber, Sage and Noah. Thank you for letting us get to know them better.

I'm thankful for my Brady, Katie and Addison.

I'm thankful for Adam and all that he does and doesn't do(in a good way).

I'm thankful to you God, for allowing us to have times of growth and then times to just enjoy the moments!

Now as Katie would say... Blah, Blah, Blah!!!! I'll leave it at that!

3 had to say:

Tracy said...

Wow. You DO have a lot to be thankful for! :) Love all of the pics.

It's so crazy for me to look at everyone's blogs and for us all to have little kiddos now. I grew up with these people (Adam, Aric, Jodi, Krystal, Amie, etc) and I love being able to see all of their kids now!

Jodi said...

What a tribute, Christy! That brought tears to my eyes this morning, and I don't even know half of those people! But I know your heart, and it made me smile. And "thanks for the thanks" for our family right now... we are so blessed it's amazing. You forgot to thank God for me though! JK! :)

Kiss those 3 kiddos for me! I just love your kids beyond measure.

amie said...

Where is the "Thank you" for my awesome sister-in-law amie.....just teasing..sorta!!