Monday, November 19, 2007

God, Speak to Me!

This is the view out of a 24inch x 6inch window. Even when you have small windows in life, you can still see God's beauty surrounding you!So this weekend was very Spiritual for me. God's beauty was Amazing. This is what we saw the on the Sat. hunt. Clear skies, nice weather(not real cold), just beautiful. We even got to see the stars and sunrise. Not to mention all the deer. On Sunday there was deer, but it was hard to see them, Fog. Reminded me of how God sometimes in our life only lets us see right in front of us and then other times allows us to see all of his beauty. And the whole time he is right there with us, in control. I'm thankful for that, and I was reminded of how I am one of those right now in the "clear skies" department, but others, like the Calhoun's are in the "fog" department. Many can learn from each experience, it's just that we have to choose, and there is always good in both. I love God. He's just so good to all of us - Talk about a big Heart!

Not "shootable" deer. I'm ok with that! Very neat to watch. And they are so beautiful.
Adam getting out of his "deer Space Ship". It actually is nice and very roomy. Sleeps 1, sits 2
Our little Huntress.
Loving on her Daddy! He's a good one!

Here's Addison sleeping - how Redneck, gun right beside her!
Killer Women! Another, how Redneck picture, got our Trailer in the back too! And this is where it all began -From Father to Son, to Father to Daughter. Nice tradition, have to admit, it's not "nice" every weekend. But they have bonded here!

This is the Ranchers house, If I could live out here, it would be in a house like this, Rocking chairs on the front porch, deer in the yard. O wait, NO BUENO! Glad I live in Bedford. Some of the other animals we see. And no Amie, I did not chase the goats, but I did get to pet one! Impressive huh!
Addison's first time shooting a gun. She cried(noise), then saw she hit the target sheet, and did it again.
Here's the Redneck earplugs......Papertowels in ears!
Getting to drive her 4wheeler!
Y'all come back now, Ya Here!

Oh my Goodness. God's hand was with us this weekend. We had such a good time and enjoyed so many of his blessings. And one of the big blessings of the week was my hearing. I had my hearing aides tuned up b/c I wasn't hearing to well lately and thank goodness I did. When I went down the deer blind to put one of the guns down at the bottom of the stand, I hear something, then immediately hear Adam say, "Christy get up her NOW!". What's great is I didn't say my usual "HUH? or What?", I instantly knew what it was......A RattleSnake!!!! So Adam get's his flashlight out to find it(it's getting dark, yuck) and knows that he has to kill it b/c we have to pass it to get on our way to the 4wheeler. He sees it, and ends up shooting it 3 times(1st & 2nd just to make sure he got it, 3rd just cuz he could). Anyway, we were all jumpy during and after the whole killing process. Very funny now. We felt very blessed by the incident(really). I'm thankful -1)that Adam loves me enough to tell me about the snake b4 it gets me, 2)my hearing ability, 3)snake boots - Adam's that is, and 4)God's hand that was in all of it. It was the best kill ever at the Deer Lease. And Adam decided he would go get the 4wheeler to pick us up. And no I don't have a picture of it, however we do have it's rattle. And yes, I will be back at the deer lease. Hopefully our next kill will be a more "pleasant" experience. At least for us.

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Jodi said...

Wow, that snake story was icky. I am so glad you heard him too!! And it blows my mind to see how big Addison is. That picture of her shooting the gun... what a grown-up she is!! I adore her, and it makes my heart ache a little.

I love how you write, Christy. Thank you for sharing how God touches you through the little things and the big things of everyday. Love ya!

Tracy said...

what a fun weekend! (minus the snake stuff! wow!)

i'm so glad that adam and addison bond on their hunting trips. that's really cute.
i'm with jodi, i cant believe how big addison is! i remember being at the hospital when she was born! and now she's so grown up! and pretty!
i'm glad yall had a good weekend! :)

amie said...

So, will you chase the goats this weekend for me!!