Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Real Deal - Happy Halloween!

Witch theme here w/our little Bat! We had a great time at the funival! Katie's first words when seeing the church - with much excitement- BOUNCE HOUSE!!!!!!! Shrill Scream!!!! Nice..... Loved the little wings on his costume!

Our main Lobster - Charlie! So fun to dress them up and this wasn't even his cutest pic! But hey, we are just happy he's here w/us! Ok, Amber made Sages costume and the pic doesn't do it justice- She was a bird and a really cute one at that!
Brady's only happy here b/c of the cookie in his hand. So we are all happy now!Me and Hannah! This is Krystal's R's little one for all you who grew up w/her.
I know, everyone is cute except for me and my scarry hair and eyes. Hey it's Halloween, get over it!
The crew minus the lobster!

Okay, you can't see Joe that well, but big Kudo's to him! He stayed late so the kids could get that "one more ride, PLEASE......" in. He is such a pushover. No wonder my children and all the rest of us love him so much. He always pleases others. Thanks Joe! Oh and Addison's first words when pulling up to church "HAYRIDE!!!!!" It's always a favorite. And Addison even thought Joe had her 4 wheeler from the deer lease. No Addison, not everything is yours.

And we started off the morning w/gymnastics. Almost forgot to dress them in costume (bad mom/babysitter). Last pic is of them doing there end chant to - We will, We will Rock .

Isn't God Good!

4 had to say:

Tracy said...

CUTE! I love the whole witch and bat theme :)

I like how Addison threw in the "hook 'em" sign in the picture of your family!

And Joe Dickerson....what can I say? He is just the greatest, isn't he?! Always willing to help and go out of his way. His son is just like him too.

Jodi said...

YES! More pics of my precious kiddos! :) I too loved the Horns! Seriously, Christy, you make a FABULOUS witch! That was a great costume! All of them were... where did you get all of those coordinating ones for your kids? Too cute. And the lobster... he looked SO pumped about being dressed up...

I figured Amber made that bird costume. She needs to just come stay at my house for awhile and just "be creative."

Love y'all! Thanks for the pics!

Heather said...

Too fun! Love the costumes! We miss you guys!
Love ya

amie said...

Love all the pics..thanks for including my kid, but we have got to remember to not use that angle again!!!!!!!