Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mommy took a CHILL PILL

Seriously, I have been so uptight these days it seems like. I am getting frustrated w/myself. Too many "psycho moments" and not enough "mommy's relaxed moments". So I decided after lunch today, we were utilizing this wonderful weather and going to the park. So glad we did. It was very refreshing and much needed. God is good and I needed to embrace that. The girls were very appreciative and didn't even get upset when it was time to leave.
Keeping Brady busy w/the balls while we played a little frisbee.

And off we go! So sweet! I just love him!
Her too!
Cute pic of Katie and Brady. Random kid in background(at least he has a decent shirt on)
And If I ever decide to let Brady's hair get long like that - take him away from me for an hour and get his hair cut. Please
Notice Katie and Brady looking like they are in jail or something. Addison's the only one happy.
Wanting the Cheerios. Still wanting Cheerios.
Trying to catch a pic of all three. Not a chance! But hey, we had fun!

Ending our day at the park, ready to take the Sunday afternoon Nap.

Loving my Brady.
Then Addison's taking FOREVER taking a pic of the 3 of us. By this time,
I really am ready to go!

Yes we did get a nap in today. And the Cowboys won - So Adam's happy!

Oh funny story. Brady "discovered" himself today. Put him in the tub w/the girls and he started to pee. He felt it coming out and then realized this "thing" is attached. Hey, this thing is pretty cool - it has a fountain - and it's attached! The look on his face was priceless. It was pretty funny to me. The girls didn't think it was so funny that they had pee in the tub.

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Tracy said...

ha! he discovered himself huh? :) that's always fun. thanks to jerrod, bryson even knows the technical word for it. starts with a "p" finish the rest. thanks jerrod. we are trying to not call it that!

i'm glad that you had some "chill" time at the park. looks like it was fun and it was such a nice day!

*Kendra* said...

Cute pics! So glad we got to "catch up" this weekend. Hope you can come over on Friday!

amie said...

Glad you had good relaxing time with your kids..and only your kids!! Love that Brady went pee in the bath with the know they probally deserve it from him!

Andrea said...

Christy, love the pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. Your kids are too adorable. It is nice to have some down time, too few these days. Bill always says we can rest when we die, hehe!

I love your blog and seeing pics of the kids! Thanks for brightening my day, Andrea

Jodi said...

Ah, yes. What a man!! That story is too funny. I'm sure the girls just LOVED that! :)

Love your pics. What a fun afternoon! Kiss those kiddos for me... I just love 'em to pieces!

Aric and Amber said...

If I don't remind Noah to go potty before he gets in then he pees in the tub. Something about that warm water... At least pee is free from bacteria.