Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pay to go to the Circus? What? We are the Circus!

So we go to the circus. Always fun getting, oh let's see, 6 adults and 7 kids, ready, fed, out the door and into there seats. Once you get there, then you can breathe. Sit back and enjoy the show (in that great announcer voice). And, Wow is it different from what I can remember. I think the ladies that were working there when I was a kid are still there. And the new ones they hired on, well, let's just say, they found them at the place you hand out dollar bills. And, really, there should be a law against women wearing half tops, that don't have the body for it. First of all, if you are a little overweight, no you should not wear it. And if you are thin, but your sagging thin, well then, no you shouldn't wear it either. Plus, half tops are not in. Apparently the circus did not get the memo on that one. Now I'm seeing why guys go w/the fam to the circus(other than the fact that they will be under the bus 4ever!). They go cuz the incentive is to see women half dressed. Maybe 2 of them are descent. Well, luckily the kids didn't notice the trashiness of the women. They had fun watching the lion, tigers, monkeys, clowns, elephants, and motorcycle riders. Our favorite was the HUMAN CANNONBALL(Announcer voice again).

This is the girls b4 the circus
Dad, Hope, Adam, Taylor, Brady & Mom

Cutie patuti Katie
Really Dad, I'm going to have to do this w/my wife & kids?
Adam has a smile on his face - Must be good or good looking
Hugging her girls!
Isn't this great Grandmom!
Yeah, we're cool!
Let's just say, Free Tickets. There is no way we would be going to this had we not a free ticket for every kid over 2 yrs old. Amazing how much money we saved. After popcorn, kettle corn, 4 bags of cotton candy, a diet coke, and 4 cokes, we went home happy! We had fun and the parents are glad we took them, but also, glad that it's over.
Quick important sidenote- Don Calhoun is in the hospital in ICU at HEB. Doing better considering, however he's not out of the woods by any means. Anyway, he is such a crusader for God (kind of reminds me of Paul), so please give him a shout out when your talking to God. We'd all appreciate it. Love you all!

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Tracy said...

how fun! :) i'll have to take bryson to the circus in a year or so...he'd love it!

looks like yall had a great time! ...even adam! i saw that smile on his face! we'll say it was the animals that he was smiling at and not the half dressed girls! :)

Aric and Amber said...

Your forgot to mention the fake hair!!!!