Sunday, November 11, 2007

Football has Ended! We're sad!

"These are the children God has given me. God has been good to me." Gen. 33:5

Yes, these football players are part of our children. Whether we like them or not. Adam and the rest of the coaches support them, tolerate them, and love them. Some more than others. I see this job as a huge blessing to my family and to those kids. Those kids I feel are blessed by having 4 christian examples in their life that are positive and uplifting. I see the kids react when they are asked to do something out there on the field. They do it for their coaches and for themselves, b/c they have a purpose. And also, b/c they know they are loved. But you know the men will never come out and say that. Anyway, I feel very blessed that Adam has a job that he can be a blessing to others(since we don't get to see him that much) and also that he is around other great guys. I feel it's a very unique situation at his school and I know God put him there for a reason. We are sad that the boys played their last game Sat, not only b/c we will miss the football, but also b/c it really helps our family to become stronger during this time. We tend to "rise to the occasion" more and utilize our time together better. But hey, I can say that cuz it's over now right!

So this is the A team, they were playing for 3rd & 4th place. They got 4th. Kind of Bummed! This is after they tied an undefeated team. They were pretty Pumped! Let me just say - All heart when playing that game!
Hands on coaching! Always patting their head or shoulder (and nothing else) when talking to the kids! I think that's great!
Brady loves his Food and Football! A man after his daddy's own heart!
Katie and Addison making friends!
Me and my boy!Addison & Katie making more friends! Coloring helps to pass the time!And if you ever go to a game, you will hear Katie and Addison at some point yelling 'DAAADDYYY!" and also ' Go Mustangs, or Go Defense". and yes, they do know when to appropriately yell for the defense. Pretty good i think. Better than what I did in my cheerleading days. I'd always just yell when the crowd did. I was really to busy looking at the football players. Well, that's not true, I sometimes knew what was going on. But really, I couldn't see over the players, so I had to just think of the view as a blessing.

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Tracy said...

ha! i think you probably had the best view in the house when you were cheering! :)

even though football is over, i'm glad that yall will be able to spend more time together now! ...til next season!

and i agree, those boys are very lucky to have adam as one of their coaches!

Jodi said...

That last comment made me laugh out loud! You counting your view as a blessing... Ha! Too funny! :)

Glad you guys get to somewhat have your family back now that fall is heading into winter. I know how that is to have Daddy home after working so much... greatness.

SO good to see you Sunday, even if just for a little bit. Got to giggle and love on Brady, got to squeeze and love on Katie, and got to chat and love on Addison... a good day for Jodi. :) Kiss them for me!