Monday, November 5, 2007

Half price Halloween

So we go into Kroger tonight to get groceries b/c Addison is "whiny voice" Starving. Walk back to the back and see Halloween things on Sale. So she picks up this mask and Brady loves it. Thinks it is so funny(which it is). So I tell her - the infamous-"We'll see". Needless to say, $1.75 was worth this. This is too funny! People were stopping in the store and watching Brady crack up at them. Enjoy the pics!

This is Addison! duh!

We are going to have some more fun with this thing. It's so funny that Brady isn't afraid at all. Adam put it on and he totally didn't care. He just started laughing and went on banging his head into the wall. Maybe that was his way of saying "Why God, did I do something wrong to deserve this family!"

3 had to say:

amie said...

Love the mask!!! Your kids are too funny!!

Jodi said...

That is absolutely hilarious! :)

Love ya girl!

Tracy said...

ha! :) that was totally worth $1.75!

it's funny how much brady loves that mask!