Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Going AWAY with the WAYS

Disney, Disney, Disney. Would not have gone there had it not been for the sheer determination of one woman(who apparently likes to be on hold, a bunch of different times, on the phone). That woman as we all know is Brenda. So, Thanks to Danny and Brenda for getting us all there. Thank you to Bradley and Amie for letting me tag along with you on the PLANE(and I am saying that with a huge Texas accent!). I can do that now that my girls are home and out of the 15 hour car ride. We aren't even going to discuss how long it took us to get there and come back. Not really right, however, it was nice.

So this is Charlie and Brady before we left DFW. Looking at the planes. Love this pic.

This is the sympathy pic for Amie. Let's just say that they didn't both stay in her arms long.
Ok, notice the woman in the background of this pic. She is probably about 5'4 or 5'6. So imagine if you were going thru the airport pushing a cart that was loaded up like this, along with a stroller. Oh yeah, 2 strollers. So 2 women, 2 babies, 2 strollers, 2 car seats, and 3 bags(that's not even counting purses or diaper bags) going thru the airport. People thought we were CRAZY. So Amie and I are pushing this thing with one of our hands and other hand is on the stroller. We made it though. Very happy to not have to be doing this again for a long while.
Look at those cute Hiney's!!!! I love the rolls on their legs.
Ok, we thought this was a funny pic of Charlie. His "lazy" eye is only lazy b/c it got sunscreen in it. No more using that kind on him. This is our first venture. We went to Epcot.
Me and Brady. I love him!!!OHHH! Fish!!!! How come fish can keep these kids entertained for so long. If I were smart, I would get a huge fish tank!
Walking away happy!!!So this was our Day 1 on the trip. I will get more up later. Until then look at Amber and Amie's.
God is good. He answered our prayers and gave us immeasurably more when we were there!!! We are blessed to be called his children.

4 had to say:

Jodi said...

Oh my word. I just looks like the best trip EVER!! :) Can't wait for more pics.

Hope things are good while your hubby is away. That is never fun, and you are quite the trooper. :)

We'll see ya next week!!! YAY!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad you all had fun on the trip! I have to admit, when I heard that all 14 of you were going, I was a tad jelous :) I KNEW yall were going to have a great time!!! How fun!

Thanks for your sweet comment about Bryson on my blog ;) He loves you!

*Kendra* said...

Glad yall had a great time. What a great memory for your kids! Love the pic of the two cute booties! :)

Audrey said...

Hey Christy! It's Audrey (Dill) Mauck from OC. I'm not sure how I found you but, I look forward to keeping up with you guys. I can't tell from all of these pictures which kids are yours. But, looks like you all have a fun family. Take Care and come visit my blog when you can.