Sunday, October 28, 2007

Taking the Plunge

Adam, Brady, Katie, & Texas Cake!
Adam teasing his boy!
Noah & Brady

Dad - proud We're raising him right! Go Horn's!

Sarra & Katie helping Brady out!

So here are pics of Brady's B-day last weekend. Since then, we've had no new pics taken. Camera dead and can't find the battery charger thing. Oh well.

On a different note - I was thinking tonight about how Moses' Mother had so much trust and confidence in God and in herself. She made a basket for her child, knowing that God would keep her child safe from harm if she put him in it. It made me think of us as parents. Us Mom's are weaving our baskets for our children. Preparing them to be taken away from us and protected by God. They may come back to us or they may not. But having Confidence in God is not doing nothing, it's doing our part and then trusting in him to take care of the rest. I get tired and run down when I am "weaving my basket's", but I will say that I am praying that I am using the right material for my kids. If I do one thing right as a parent, I want it to be that I influenced my kids in a positive way to be a servant of the Lord.

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Tracy said...

I'm so glad that you started a blog so I can keep up with your cute family! :)

Love the longhorn birthday!!! I can't beleive that Brady is one already!! Man...time flies!

Thanks for your story about Noah's mom and how we are weaving our baskets. I enjoyed it :)

I added you to my favorite links so I will be checking in on you!!

Andrea said...

Christy! AWESOME!!! I am addicted to blogs since Amie started hers so I am excited that you are on line.

Thanks for the story of Moses, I have dreaded the day the kids leave since they were born. Sure helps to know others have been through it, even as far back as Moses. Love you girlfriend!!

Jodi said...

Yay!!! Welcome to blogworld! I of COURSE and thrilled to be keeping up with you guys and your precious kiddos whom I ADORE! And I too love the thoughts about weaving our baskets... I am thankful to know that someone else gets weary of our job and needs the encouragement! :) Love ya!

Brenda said...

Precious pictures, precious children and a very precious mom who has been trusted to raise 3 of my amazing grandchildren. One I would have picked, had God given me the choice, He however, as usual has given me 'excedingly more than I could have ever ask or imagined'. by the way, thanks for supper tonight! See - more than I ask or imagined!!! Love you

beverly said...

Cute pics!!! When I saw the pic of Brady in his Texas stuff , I was reminded of a football game I halfway listened to the other day.There was a
Brady ? (Thomas) I think, playing, and every time I heard his name I thought, one of these days we will hear "and that was Brady Bramlett
on the interception". Adam you can't read this cause I don't want you to know how ignorant of football I am.
Hope to see you this weekend at Mothers, Love ya

Jodi said...

Love the new blog look! :) Goes so great with the Texas Orange of this post! :)